Our Music Planning Process

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The Process - From Start to Performance

The music should be the easiest part of your wedding planning process. Here is how we make sure it is.

  1. Inquire about our availability on our Contact Us page.  We will send you an emailed quote for our services.
  2. After you receive our quote, please ask questions or choose an ensemble option for your event.
  3. Use our provided login to enter your wedding day details on our website.
  4. We will send you a welcome letter and invitation to review and sign the performance contract online.
  5. Once signed, you may pay the deposit online in your account.
  6. Update your details online as they become more clear.
  7. Record your music selections online and modify as needed
  8. A week or so before the wedding, add notes to the music to indicate who will be entering for each piece and verify the order
  9. Receive a final confirmation from us with all the details about a week before the wedding
  10. All musicians performing check in online with Mark about 48 hours before the event
  11. All musicians receive a group text the day of the wedding to coordinate last minute changes or updates
  12. Enjoy the performance!